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Why Are Birkenstocks So Comfortable_ What Kind of Birkenstocks Should I Get_

Birkenstock footwear, which was created in Germany over two centuries ago, is one of the most trusted brands in the business. Birkenstocks are recognized for offering consumers comfort and simplicity, thanks in part to the superior materials utilized to create these shoes.

Suede, nubucks, non-leather uppers, high-grade leather, and specially shaped footbeds with shock-absorbing bottoms are among the materials used.

Birkenstocks are a popular summer footwear choice owing to their numerous advantages. Because these shoes are so comfy, they may be worn whether you’re going to the beach or just walking around town.

Birkenstocks are also incredibly elegant and fashionable, regardless of your age. These shoes will look great with every summer outfit in your closet.

Why Are Birkenstocks So Comfortable? and What Kind of Birkenstocks Should I Get? In this article, we will explain this clearly to you. Let read it!

Birkenstocks Information

Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & CoKG is a German shoe manufacturer best known for producing Birkenstocks, a German brand of sandals, and other shoes with contoured cork footbeds (soles) constructed with layers of suede and jute that adapt to the shape of its wearers’ feet.

Johann Adam Birkenstock founded the company in 1774, with headquarters in Neustadt (Wied), Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

In contrast to the flat bottoms of many shoes at the time, the company’s primary goal was to produce shoes that supported and contoured the foot. The Fussbett (footbed) was invented in 1896, and by 1925, Birkenstocks were marketed all throughout Europe.

Margot Fraser was the first to introduce Birkenstocks to the United States in 1966. They were marketed at health stores in the United States and therefore were associated with hippies in the 1970s.

The EVA, a rubber sandal composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate, was introduced in 2015 as a less expensive alternative to the original cork Birkenstock.

Birkenstocks have made several appearances in the realm of High Fashion, with designers putting their own take on the sandals. One of Céline’s most well-known designs was developed by Phoebe Philo.

The sandal is popularly referred to as the “Furkenstock” since it is made up of Birkenstock’s Arizona and a mink-covered footbed.

L Catterton, the private equity firm backed by Bernard Arnault’s LVMH, has agreed to purchase the German footwear business Birkenstock in a deal for around €4 billion in February 2021.

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Things to Know Before Buying Birkenstock Sandals

Things to Know Before Buying Birkenstock Sandals
Things to Know Before Buying Birkenstock Sandals

1. They take some time to get used to.

Perhaps when you put the first pair on, you have the impression that they are too small and feel a little stiff. After approximately a week, your feet are virtually glued to the sandals, and they are quite comfy.

It was strange at first because you assumed they would be unpleasant. They are now the most comfortable sandals you will ever own; simply slide your feet into the sandals.

2. The white pair is actually quite simple to clean.

Do you desire white pairs as soon as you see them, but are you concerned that they will get soiled quickly? Fortunately, the fabric is simple to care for.

We spilled coffee and other things on them, and it made no difference. So, if you’ve had your eye on the white pair, don’t worry!

3. The sizing can be perplexing.

Birkenstock’s sizing is based on European standards. Fortunately, most websites include the US size with the European sizing. I typically wear a size 8.5, so I ordered a size 39.

I think I’m between 39 and 40, especially at the beginning when the shoe isn’t broken in. It fits well once it has been broken in. They are also available in narrow and standard widths.

Despite having small feet, I still order the normal. I’m almost afraid the narrows will be too tight, but the straps are really easy to tighten if you want a tighter fit.

If you’re confused about sizing, you may simply get two sizes and return the smaller one. Zappos is wonderful with free shipping and returns, so there is a little flexibility.

4. Birkenstock sandals are available in a variety of styles and colors.

I prefer the basic two-strap form, although Birkenstock sandals are available in a variety of different models as well.

They’ve also released some pretty unique colors and patterns, like colorful snakeskin, vibrant reds, whites, and even pinks!

I’m thinking that because I like my regular white pair, I should branch out and try a new design or color next time!

5. They’re pricey, but they’re worth it.

The pair I possess is under 100 dollars. I believe that for a simple sandal this might appear quite costly, but trust me that the price is justified.

These sandals from Birkenstock will last you for years and they’re so comfortable.

You can wear your Birkenstocks for years if you care well for your shoes. My couple looked brand new from last summer!

Just make sure that if they become soiled they are cleaned and do not leave them in excessive temperatures.

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Why are Birkenstocks So Comfortable?

Why are Birkenstocks So Comfortable_
Why are Birkenstocks So Comfortable_

Read more to learn about the reason why Birkenstocks are so comfortable.

1. Good for your feet

Although you see a buddy go to a party with Birkenstocks, your jaw may fall, they’re actually healthy for your feet. It provides good stress absorption and support for the arch.

PS, if you use them for too long, they can make your feet smell, therefore don’t forget to bathe your feet in salt to assist with their scent and to be active in swelling.

2. Look great with socks

One of the Birkenstocks most popular queries is if Birkenstock looks nice with socks. The good news is that Birks with nice socks and trousers are excellent for you to match.

Of course, socks and sandals may seem rubbish at first, but you will find that it’s alright to wear Birks socks in modern fashion.

3. High durability

Birkenstock soccer has been developed to give better comfort with molded insoles since 1897. For toughness and resilience, Birkenstock shoes also include curved cork and rubber footbeds.

Purchase Birkenstock footwear that is filled with thick soils and large footbeds, particularly if you want to be on your feet all day.

4. You can fix them when they start to show age

The business provides specific reparations, including heels, toes, and entire replacements, so that you may almost always sport the same couple.

Generally speaking, the firm proposes to switch your floors if it can no longer see the patterns of the tread that can assist you to keep them forever.

If you require evidence: A profound dive in some online Birkenstocks forums shows that many have been in possession for years and perhaps 15 years for the longest duration.

5. Easy to mix with different style

Clean designs and soft fabrics like leather and suede make sandals in Birkenstock popular and comfortable to wear. Birkenstock offers easy-to-wear shoes with nearly every piece of clothing, including jeans, twin pants, skirts, trousers, shirts, and dresses.

6. Environmentally friendly natural materials

Many of the Birkenstock-fashionable materials originate from sustainable sources such as cork, natural latex, jute, wool, leather, copper, and brass. Birkenstock goods are also sustainable in nature because of their longevity.

7. Diversity of designs and colors

“If you think the Birkenstock is a famous sandal from the sixties, think again,” Birkenstock said. We have more than 300 colors, textures, and designs nowadays.”

An 8/8/14 post from Carmen from Clothing and Camera gives you an overall sample of the Birkenstock brand’s variety. There are therefore so many choices.

8. They’re great on both men and women

How wonderful would it be if you could purchase your husband or son an additional pair of shoes for yourself? With Birkenstock shoes, this is feasible since they look fantastic on men and women.

Most of their styles are unisexual and feature neutral hues. The sandals, slip-ons, and clogs in Birkenstock are all traditional options for most summer ensembles.

9. Easy to take when traveling

Birkenstock Shoes offer the support and the comfort you need to make all your trips whether you’re seeking attractive and sturdy sandals or clogs.

Birkenstock Shoes have many distinct types, known for the molded footbeds and their basic designs, so that you may discover the greatest match and function for any opportunity.

10. They’re so comfortable

The distinctive Birkenstock design of a footbed makes it fit into the form of your foot, making it increasingly easy with time.

Birkenstocks are an investment that will keep your feet comfortable for years to come with sturdy cork soles, or leather or suede ups.

11. Suitable for different occasions

As mentioned above, Birkenstock can be combined with many different styles of clothing. As such, they can also be suitable for many different occasions.

For example, when going to the beach, walking with friends or even formal places like weddings if you know how to coordinate.

Benefits of wearing Birkenstocks in the Summer

Benefits of wearing Birkenstocks in the Summer
Benefits of wearing Birkenstocks in the Summer

1. Comfortable

When looking for shoes, one of the most crucial factors to consider is comfort. Fortunately, this is one of the most valuable Birkenstock advantages.

Their footbed is properly contoured to fit the curve of your foot. The more time you spend wearing them, the more comfortable they get.

This implies that if someone were to try on your shoes, they would most likely be far less comfortable than you are.

The materials used in the footbeds also protect your feet from fungus and perspiration, allowing you to go around without a worry in the world.

They are quite gentle on the foot and will not irritate them. They also buffer the impact on your foot and minimize tension on your legs, ankles, feet, and spine.

2. Durable

Your shoes play a crucial role in lifespan. You have to assess if these shoes survive a long time, or whether they are spoiled and need to be replaced regularly.

This is especially important if you travel a lot during the summer because, in the middle of the trip, you do not want your sandals to break down.

You need not worry about durability with Birkenstock shoes. Birkenstocks are made of high-quality materials. If your shoe is broken, you may quickly repair and continue using it as brand-new.

3. Mold to your feet

When you shop for a pair of shoes, the alignment of your body should be at the top. A malfunctioning shoe can lead to health complications like a maladjusted backbone, knees, and lower back injuries.

Fortunately, Birkenstock shoes have been designed with the form of the feet in mind and are extremely comfortable.

Footwear from Birkenstock conforms to your foot’s characteristics. Cork and natural latex are used in the baseboard.

It is modeled on a healthy foot form that maintains the structure of the foot and its natural form, evenly distributed across the arches.

The toe bar makes it easier for your toes to hold and flex, stimulates circulation, exercises your leg, and keeps you balanced.

The heel cup offers stability by maintaining the natural foot cushioning underneath the heel. This ensures that the body’s weight is aligned with the right bones and the legs and spine.

4. Supportive to heal of common foot problems

If you want to avoid foot problems in your later years, you should start caring for your feet now. One of the most important Birkenstock advantages is its potential to help in the healing of common foot ailments.

Birkenstocks include an orthopedic footbed that provides both stability and comfort for your feet. As a result, these shoes can help prevent calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, and foot discomfort.

Birkenstocks also aid in relieving pressure on certain areas of the foot. The orthopedic support of the Birkenstock shoes offers the necessary firm support and proper foot posture.

5. Nourish the muscles and joints in your body.

Did you know that, in addition to treating common foot ailments, there are Birkenstock advantages for your health and well-being?

Given the importance of the foot to your body, it is critical to allow free flow of circulation around your feet. Blood circulation improves muscular relaxation, helping you to overcome physical tiredness after hard exercise.

Birkenstock’s shoe design lets customers feel at peace and allows them to carry out their activities with ease. When you wear Birkenstock shoes, the blood circulation in your feet improves, allowing you to have healthier muscles and joints.

6. Stylist

In various sizes, shapes, and colors, Birkenstock shoes provide you hundreds of alternatives for your choice. They may be worn on many occasions, from a regular business day at your workplace to an afternoon with your family.

Birkenstocks are usually best used without socks. Make sure they synchronize with the clothing if you need to wear them with socks.

By painting your toenails, you may even spice up your appearance to match your strap color!

Try to combine them with a good pair of playful, chunky Birkenstock shoes when you have a pair of skinny jeans, shorts, or cuffed pants.


Hope this article will help you understand why are Birkenstocks so comfortable and more about Birkenstocks. We wish this article helps you make the best choice when buying a pair of Birkenstock.

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