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What is Birko Flor Birkenstock and Why are They Popular_

If you are a health-conscious person and love comfortable footwear products, you must have known the Birkenstock brand – a very popular Sandal brand in Germany and European countries.

One of its most popular products is the Birko Flor Birkenstock. So what is Birko Flor Birkenstock? Let’s find out the features and interests of this type of Sandal.

Birkenstock History

Birkenstock History
Birkenstock History

Birkenstock’s full name is Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & Co. KG. It is a shoe manufacturer and famous for its footwear products, especially Sandals, which are extremely comfortable, bringing convenience to consumers.

Birkenstock’s Sandals are always one of the essential products for both women and men. In 1774 in Germany, it was founded by Johann Adam Birkenstock.

Birkenstock was a shoemaker, at that time, shoes usually had flat insoles, but he pioneered products with a curved insole to fit the human’s feet.

This change is based on the criteria of bringing comfort and health to the feet. Today, Birkenstock products still follow that criterion and are welcomed by consumers.

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What is Birko Flor Birkenstock?

Birko Flor Birkenstock is a very popular sandal from Birkenstock. The name of this type of Sandal is named after the material.

Birko flor is an eco-friendly synthetic material that is durable, smooth, and easy to care for; The upper layer has a skin-like structure, while the inside layer is made of soft fleece.

Birko flor has been cleverly used to create Birko flor Birkenstock sandals with many different designs, extremely diverse and fashionable.

Like other Birkenstock Sandals, with the inside curving and hugging the foot, the upper is soft on the inside, the outer layer of Birko Flor has a leather-like structure to create a self-cleaning ability.

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Are all Birkenstock Unisex?

Are all Birkenstock Unisex_
Most Birkenstock products are unisex

Most Birkenstock products are unisex, both men and women can choose and use them.

However, not all products are unisex, there will be some products with special designs or extremely fashionable and feminine, these products are more often preferred by women.

At the same time, some items are designed for women such as Gizeh and Madrid, and will also have corresponding models for men.

At the same time, even though most shoes are unisex, we have to admit that women’s and men’s feet are different in size and style. Therefore, Birkenstock unisex sandals are divided into 2 suitable types, M size, and N size.

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Is Birkenstock Really Good for Your Feet?

Birkenstock sandals are really good for your health. Over the company’s history, the criteria that have always been respected when manufacturing products are the comfort and durability of the sandals, which make Birkenstock good for our feet.

The insole of the Birkenstock sandals has a snug fit to cradle your feet, providing the best support for your feet.

Besides, Birkenstock sandals are often easy to use, have ventilation, and limit sweating. Your feet will not be uncomfortable or tight.

The upper is also often made from soft materials, creating a smooth feeling when used. You can wear these sandals all day long or participate in many activities without feeling uncomfortable.

What do M and N mean in Birkenstock sizes?

What do M and N mean in Birkenstock sizes_
In Birkenstock sizes, M means Medium size, and N means Narrow size

In Birkenstock sizes, M means Medium size, and N means Narrow size. M-size sandals are usually for people with large feet, and an N-size one is usually for small feet. They are not only different in width, but also slightly different in style.

Size M is often chosen by men because of its large size and has a slightly adjusted style to fit men’s feet, while size N is for women. However, women with large feet can still use size M instead of size N, as Birkenstock sandals are unisex even though it is divided into 2 different types.

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How does Birkenstock fit? Are they true to size?

Birkenstock sandals do not have a specific size like shoes, they are divided into M size and N size. The design of Birkenstock sandals is spacious to give you comfort, and usually, sandals are slightly wider than your feet, but they won’t cause too much inconvenience.

In addition, you can adjust the width by using the straps, as usually, most designs will have an extra strap to adjust the width. If your sandals are so wide that they easily slip off when you move, then you should choose size N for narrow feet and adjust the straps if necessary.

What is a size X in Birkenstock?

Birkenstock is a German company, so the size of Birkenstock sandals will be based on the usual division of the European market. But these days, the shoes of this brand are popular in many other countries. Therefore, you can find out your size based on the following table:

Birkenstock Sandal size Chart for Kids

EU size US size Length (mm)
24 6-6.5 145-154
25 7-7.5 155-162
26 8-8.5 163-167
27 9-9.5 168-174
28 10-10.5 175-182
29 11-11.5 183-187
30 12-12.5 188-194
31 13-13.5 195-202
32 1-1.5 203-207
33 2-2.5 208-214
34 3-3.5 215-222


Birkenstock Sandal size Chart for Women

EU size US size Length (mm)
33 2 -2.5 208-214
34 3 -3.5 215-222
35 4 – 4.5 223-227
36 5 – 5.5 228-234
37 6 – 6.5 235-242
38 7 – 7.5 243-247
39 8 – 8.5 248-254
40 9 – 9.5 255-262
41 10 – 10.5 263-267
42 11 – 11.5 268-274
43 12 – 12.5 275-282


Birkenstock Sandal size Chart for Men

EU size US size Length (mm)
38 5 – 5.5 243-247
39 6 – 6.5 248-254
40 7 – 7.5 255-262
41 8 – 8.5 263-267
42 9 – 9.5 268-274
43 10 – 10.5 275-282
44 11 – 11.5 283-289
45 12 – 12.5 290-297
46 13 – 13.5 298-302
47 14 – 14.5 303-307
48 15 – 15.5 308-314
49 16 – 16.5 315-322
50 17 – 17.5 323-327


How do I clean my Birkenstocks?

In addition to the production of Sandals, Birkenstock also produces products to help clean their sandals. You can use those to clean your Birkenstocks sandals, then we can apply a thin coat of cork sealant to make the surface of the footbed more glossy.

Before using slippers, or after cleaning, you can also spray a water-repellent solution on the upper layer to increase water resistance and dirt resistance.

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Can you get Birkenstocks wet?

Can you get Birkenstocks wet_
Can you get Birkenstocks wet_

Of course, you can leave them wet in the event that you accidentally get into the rain, go into a wet environment, or when you clean them.

However, we should not let it get wet too often. And we should let the Birkenstocks dry naturally, not using heat to dry.

How do you break in a Birkenstock footbed?

You will break slowly after you wear the sandals for a while. Birkenstock sandals will fit relatively well and will be slightly wider than your foot for comfort. You can walk around to make sure it doesn’t slip off.

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Should I buy the leather one or the Birko-Flor one?

Should I buy the leather one or the Birko-Flor one_
Should I buy the leather one or the Birko-Flor one?

Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Leather is a familiar material for many people and has been favored for a long time. The Birko-Flor is soft and designed to be easy to clean.

At the same time, Birko-Flor is a new and quite popular material. Therefore, if you don’t have a pair of Birko-Flor sandals yet, try them instead of the popular material.

What is the difference between Birko-Flor and soft footbed?

The difference between Birko-Flor and soft footbeds is due to the nature of the material. Birko – flor is a man-made material, durable, smooth, and easy to care for.

Birko-Flor and soft footbeds are both soft, and comfortable but Birko-Flor is more resistant to dirt, easier to clean and use.

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Birko Flor Birkenstock sandals are increasingly popular, not only in the EU but also in the US and many countries around the world.

Hope this article helps you understand what is birko flor Birkenstock. Birko flor Birkenstock is a unique and handy product.

Try a pair of Birko Flor Birkenstock sandals – an essential item for both men and women, it will bring comfort and convenience to you.

Florsheim Esquivel

Florsheim Esquivel

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