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What Are Clog Shoes_ Tips for Walking on Clogs

If you are too tired of high heels that make your feet tired. But do not want to wear sandals a few centimeters low.

That’s why we want to introduce you to the traditional clogs. Clogs can be typical sandals of some countries with patterns and variations on the face.

In this article, we will share with you “What are clog shoes“. It is really interesting and has a unique charm.

What are Clog Shoes?

What are Clog Shoes_
What are Clog Shoes?

Simply put, a clog is a shoe with a thick wooden sole. Some clogs are monolithic, shaped like a boat.

For many countries, clogs are a long-standing cultural feature. When wearing clogs, they will flatter the figure and bring a sense of tradition and antiquity.

Many people choose to use it because they love that old, soft, and quintessential feature. Today, clogs have been designed in a variety of colors and designs.

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History of Clogs 

Just like shoes, clothes, or anything that has a long life. Clogs also appeared thousands of years ago and were associated with many social classes.

They have also gone through many ups and downs to get to where they are now.

Wooden clogs originated in the Netherlands, then spread to France, England and Scandinavia. Clogs became the most popular work shoe in Europe during the Industrial Revolution.

The current shoes have a wooden sole design and a leather strap wrapped around the top of the foot.

The design of wooden clogs evolved from the need for an accompanying shoe that could protect the foot from the wet and cold elements.

Throughout the early history of wooden clogs, members of the nobility would not wear wooden clogs as they were associated with peasant clothing.

But by the twentieth century, they had evolved into fashionable footwear and were favored by the nobility. The clogs became more popular with women because of the price and style they brought.

Currently, through many stages of development, clogs have been developed into fashion items with diverse designs.

Less production makes them rare and there are many expensive pairs. Modern clogs borrow the styles of traditional clogs with wooden soles, with new materials such as leather and cloth used for the structure of the shoes.

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4 Types of Clogs

Types of Clogs
4 Types of Clogs

Although it is just a pair of basic clogs they are gradually being developed in many types and are going on different occasions.

#1. Traditional clogs

This is the first discovered clog and keeps the style until now.

Double clogs only have a large hole for their legs and toes. The base is a bit higher so your feet tend to slope forward.

#2. Wedding clogs

Double clogs are part of the long-standing wedding tradition on Marken Island. The woman must go coupled since receiving the engagement to the wedding day.

After the wedding, double clogs are kept and displayed in the house of the couple. This is the customer and characteristics here.

#3. Skating clogs

Double clogs are derived from the Netherlands. Beneath the blade with a skating blade and other designs is like a basic pair of clogs.

#4. Fashion clogs

Follow the trend that couples are increasingly designed. Basic, clogs have a thick and stiff base with the upper part quite simple.

Clogs don’t have straps or straps to keep your feet in the right position. But still, retain comfort for carriers and simple designs.

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How Many People Still Wear Clogs?

Today, most Dutch people do not go to clogs and mostly tourists buy them to bring home as a souvenir. However, farmers sometimes still wear them.

Every year about 200,000 pairs are produced. This shows that the number of people who use them is also that number. According to that, thanks to the tourists that the souvenir clogs are made more than ever.

You can find Dutch clogs at any travel store in the Netherlands. Most of them are not to though. They are painted uniquely according to any Dutch design you want.

True, still wearing today, can be found in rural areas around Amsterdam. They are sold in retail stores for the agricultural sector in many villages. Every year, more than 2.5 million pairs of souvenirs are sold.

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Who Is Still Wearing Clogs?

Who Is Still Wearing Clogs_
Who Is Still Wearing Clogs_

Each year there are still couples produced. So who will bring them? And what is the purpose?

#1. Old people.

They want to keep the cultural tradition so they still take them and tend to like to bring them. Because from the baby they brought them to form a habit and brought to the end of life.

#2. Medical staff

Nurses, doctors working in the operating room will prefer them. The first is the convenience and then water resistance, anti-slip.

They have the same characteristics as a pair of Cros in other European countries. The spectrum of the sphere is more in the operating room in the Netherlands by the tradition it brings.

#3. Workers / Farmers

They work outdoors and tend to like shoes that can be firmly protected for their feet in a specific job. Clogs are the top choice of farmers, construction workers, millers, and large garden owners.

#4. Number of Dutch people

The clogs will be brought to quickly pierce when they need to enter the garden when outside the mud. Clogs are great to work in the garden: cool in summer, warm in winter, dry.

The sole is made sure of using the spade, and you don’t need to worry in case unfortunately drop the heavy object into the clogs.

They have excellent insulation capabilities: you can stand on snow bands all day and still have warm feet.

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4 Tips for Walking on Clogs 

4 Tips for Walking on Clogs
4 Tips for Walking on Clogs

Because the clogs are made of monolithic wood, some people tend to travel quite noisy when going to the clogs. However, you can learn how to go to clogs through some tips that we share the following.

#1. The size of the clogs you wear

Buy Clogs right with your foot size. Unless you’re going to take thick and chunky with your new clogs regularly, you should buy a wide clog. If you buy too small shoes can lead to foot diseases.

#2. Familiarize

If you have never gone to the previous clogs, bring them and walk around the house. This will also bring you confidence!

Let’s start with barefoot, with thin knitted items, and with thick couples, Chunky to see which kind of best suits you.

#3. Patience

Nobody can get used to the clogs in a one-way early! Some women may take 2-3 days, and others may take a week or two before they feel 100% comfortable when carrying their new clogs.

Learn how to walk gently in your new clogs. Once you feel confident when you bring your clogs, you can take them on another day.

#4. Take care of your legs

After much traveling with clogs on your feet, take care of your feet with Epsom salt. This reduces swelling, inflammation, and long uncomfortable.

Fill warm water into the bath or bucket and add a large amount of salt until salt.

Small some essential oils such as mint to increase soothing effects and anti-inflammation. Self-massage a little to add flexibility and restore your feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Above are the main problems of a pair of clogs. After a long time to find out, we noticed still some interesting things.

Maybe you will also wonder. Let’s answer them through some questions below.

According to the TNO Safety Institute (1997) research, clogs are completely safe for your feet to go to work.

Many office workers or even ordinary people will be very hurt when their feet hit the table legs. But when wearing clogs, that doesn’t happen.

The thick wooden sole design with rafters at the toe will keep your feet from bumping.

Wood insulation will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Your toes will have room to spread out comfortably.

If you’re considering a traditional pair of clogs, the answer would be no. Extremely rigid and secure design.

Your feet are surrounded by wood. In them, there is no softness and comfortable movement. But with modern clogs, have been refined for comfort in a variety of styles.

It’s completely convenient because you just need to put your feet in and move. They even have stylish designs to match a variety of current outfits.

So, if you want a pair of clogs in your shoe cabinet, the advice would be yes.

However, it will take your time to get used to a piece of wood at your feet. In the long run, you will feel comfortable with them.

Wooden clogs with many eye-catching colors and patterns are often encountered in Dutch culture. From its appearance until 1920, the clogs were not painted at all.

They started painting and carving patterns for the clog when they wanted to distinguish it and wanted it to be more diverse.

Unpainted clogs must be protected against water, moisture, but the purest natural clogs. Moreover, they can be painted in different colors.

According to the Clog Museum, the clogs are painted black for those working on clay and yellow for those working on sandy soil. Yellow paint became extremely popular and matched well with traditional costumes.

As a known, the first time clogs were handmade artisans. Later when the technology was developed, clogs were included in the machinery line. So it should be mass production and more cost savings.

There will be curious friends about the process of making a pair of clogs. Because it is a tradition and should be maintained and preserved.

Wooden clogs are usually made from one of three types of wood: Liuzhou, Yellow Yang, or Duong Tulip.

These woods are hard and have the waterproof capability. Below will be the steps to create a couple of craft clogs.

  1. Choose a soft type of wood as desired. Raw carved outside, then clamped into a bench kept them vertically, the nose headed down. Use saws to cut them into raw rectangular blocks. Each block, called a blank, will be made up of a shoe. The size of the block varies depending on the shoe size created from it. For size 8 male shoes, the block can be 14.5 x 5.25 x 5.25 in (37 x 13.3 x 13.3 cm).
  2. Use a small ax to engrave the rough shape of the clogs. Using a desk has a knife on one side to create a sophisticated shape outside the clogs. This is the stage that the shape of the clogs is formed like nose, heels, body.
  3. Drill your mouth with a spoon drill until the desired size is medium. And honing how smooth surfaces to carve patterns or draw details.
  4. The shoes are left in the air dry for four to six weeks. At this point, the shoes have been completed and are ready to wear.

After a long time of use, clogs can be broken, fly or you don’t like them anymore. This is a pity if they have to leave them. You can fix or take advantage of them as indoor decorations.

If wood is cracked, you can use the most dedicated glue and paint color to fix it.

Or if the clogs are broken down, you can still go because they are very open. But the clogs are worn and unusable, you can take advantage of them.

  1. to take advantage of a few small bonsai that can hang on the wall or fence.
  2. The birds will need solid new houses made of wood.
  3. Can show fake flowers or make a pen plug in the room.

Finally, clogs are no longer available, give them to the trash or burn a fireplace.


Although other clogs are often changed, they are faded for nearly a century while never really disappeared. They continue to be wearing and loved by many followers.

Above are things we want to share about “What are clog shoes“. Receive and spend some time learning about the problems of these impressive clogs.

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