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What are Bowling Shoes_ Are Bowling Shoes Required_

Bowling is a favorite sport of many people. Like many other sports, you need equipment to play it.

To play, you need many tools such as bowling balls, bowling lanes, bowling pins, bowling gloves, wrist guards,… another very important tool is bowling shoes.

When going to the Bowling alleys, you will have to rent bowling shoes or bring your own. So what are bowling shoes, and what is the difference between bowling shoes and regular sneakers? Let’s find out in this article!

Bowling Shoes Information – What Are Bowling Shoes?

Bowling Shoes Information
Bowling Shoes Information

To be able to perform well in this game, you need to prepare yourself a pair of bowling shoes. These shoes are different from regular sneakers.

You are required to use them instead of regular shoes. The reason is that they have unique characteristics, and are designed to serve bowling players, helping players to be comfortable and make correct technique. This is an extremely important item, indispensable when playing this game.

Reasons You Should Wear Bowling Shoes When Play Bowling

Reasons You Should Wear Bowling Shoes When Play Bowling
Reasons You Should Wear Bowling Shoes When Play Bowling

When participating in the game, a pair of bowling shoes is required because it is very necessary. Let’s discuss some reasons for wearing bowling shoes when bowling.

1. Supportive your movement

First of all, the bowling shoes support your movement when you are bowling. To play bowling well, you have to have solid shots and adjust your body balance after throwing the ball.

To do that, bowling shoes are the deciding factor to 70% of the success of a bowling shot. Therefore, to achieve high results, using a good pair of bowling shoes is necessary.

Bowling shoes are usually made from leather and rubber, they are designed to support the movement of the player. When you throw a bowling ball, you need to gain momentum and move to create force.

The bowling shoes have rubber soles and this sole is very slick. It will help you to move smoothly before throwing the ball.

If the sole is not slick but too frictional, your movement can be stuck and the result of the pitch is not as expected.

2. Keep you safe

The second reason is that bowling shoes will keep you safe when playing. When you throw a bowling ball, your body may have to move to create a lot of force to create beautiful or high-scoring shots.

Maintaining balance after throwing the ball is extremely important, if you do not keep your body balanced, you can fall.

Bowling shoes will play an important part in keeping a player’s balance, avoiding falls and helping players stay safe.

3. Protect the lanes

One of the important reasons why the managers in bowling alleys always require you to use bowling shoes is to protect the bowling lanes.

The bowling lanes are very slick, if you wear normal sports shoes, with hard soles and high friction when the player moves strongly, it can cause scratches to the bowling lanes.

That’s why the bowling shoes are made of rubber and have a very slick sole, when in contact with the bowling lanes, it will not create too much friction but have a certain stability. Therefore, bowling centers always offer bowling shoes rental services for players.

Should You Get Your Own Bowling Shoes?

Should You Get Your Own Bowling Shoes_
Should You Get Your Own Bowling Shoes_

Bowling alleys always provide bowling shoes rental service, if you don’t have your own bowling shoes, you can still easily play this game.

However, whether to buy bowling shoes or not, depends on the individual and each person’s circumstances, There are a few strengths of buying bowling shoes as follows:

If you buy a pair of bowling shoes for yourself, you won’t need to share the shoes with others. After each use, the bowling alley’s shoes will be cleaned, but if you are a clean person, you will love a pair of shoes of your own.

Moreover, you can also freely choose the style, color, shoe brand and quality you want. Bowling alleys will have different types of shoes and sometimes the quality of some will not meet your needs.

If you bowl often, buying bowling shoes will be more convenient and economical. Renting bowling shoes each time you play and paying multiple fees will cost more than buying a pair of shoes and using them many times.

Different Between Bowling Shoes with Sneakers

The biggest difference between normal sneakers and bowling shoes is that the sneaker has a slightly stiffer sole, with more friction grooves to be suitable for walking, running and jumping, and the sole of the bowling shoe is extremely slick. 

Can You Wear Bowling Shoes as Regular Shoes?

Bowling shoes are specially designed and used when bowling. The sole is very slick because it will come into contact with the slick bowling lanes.

In normal operation, the ground where the shoes come into contact is not the same as when you are bowling, so you should not use it like normal shoes.

Choosing to Right Bowling Shoes

Choosing to Right Bowling Shoes
Choosing to Right Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are very important, so how to choose a suitable pair of shoes.

Durability – If you bowl often, you will need to wear bowling shoes often, you should choose a pair of shoes that are durable for long-term use and do not waste time looking for new shoes.

Fit – A shoe that fits your foot will help you move more easily, better support your movement, make you comfortable and easy to throw the ball.

Comfort – Different shoe brands will have different qualities and comfort, you should choose the most comfortable shoe, it will make it easy to throw the ball and comfortable after you finish playing.

The outsole – The shoe sole is one of the important factors determining the quality of bowling shoes. Normally, the soles of bowling shoes will be made from rubber and different types will have different degrees of slick. You should choose a super slick shoe for the best support.


As can be seen, bowling shoes are really important and necessary when bowling. They help a lot during the game as well as bring safety to the players. If you love bowling, find yourself a suitable pair of bowling shoes and have a good time bowling with your friends.

Hope this article helps you better understand what are bowling shoes and can know more useful information about this type of shoe.

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