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How To Walk Correctly Feet_ 7 Tips To Improve Your Step

Walking is one of the basic skills for human survival. From when we were children, we have started to practice standing, walking, running and jumping.

However, not everyone knows how to walk correctly feet. Many people think that how we walk is not so important, but in fact, the way we walk affects a lot of our health and can lead to many problems.

If you don’t walk properly, many parts of the body such as feet, ankles, knees, back, hips will be affected, leading to many problems and causing damage to those parts.

You may not realize them early, but the harmful effects of walking in the wrong way will leave slowly and have a huge impact as we get older.

So how to walk correctly feet and learning how to do that is difficult or not? Let’s find out right here.

Tips For Walking Properly

Tips For Walking Properly
Tips For Walking Properly

Walking is an activity that involves many parts of the body, not just moving our two legs.

To be able to walk properly, you can apply the following tips for body parts when moving and how to move those parts.

#1. Keep your eyes look straight

When walking, it is necessary to keep your eyes looking straight ahead. You should not look down but should look at the area which is about 4 to 5 meters away from your eyes. You can cover your surroundings and easily avoid obstacles.

#2. Keep your head up.

You should not bow when walking, try to keep your head straight and keep your chin parallel to the ground.

For some high-demand jobs such as flight attendants, models,…you can practice by putting a book on your head to keep your head straight. However, if you just need to practice walking properly, just practicing keeping your head straight and comfortable while walking is enough.

#3. Keep your shoulder down and back, relax your shoulders

Shoulder posture is very important when walking, if your shoulders are too high and forward, your neck and head will be very tired.

#4. Keep your back straight

Keeping your back straight is extremely important when you walk or sit down. Keeping your back straight is not only for a beautiful posture, but it’s also good for your health.

If you don’t straighten your back when walking, and you have to move a lot, then after a long day, your back is easily hurt and fatigued. The wrong back shape will make you prone to spinal pain. Therefore, keeping our back straight will make us comfortable when walking.

In addition, keeping your back straight also has an aesthetic effect, if your back is not straight, the gait will not be beautiful and attractive.

To keep your back straight, push your chest slightly forward, pulling your back out just enough so that your back is perpendicular to the ground.

Most importantly, don’t pull too hard, or lean back, which causes the muscles in your shoulders and back to become tense. You should stand up straight and relax comfortably.

#5. Engage your core

Keeping your abs engaged plays an important part in walking properly. Remember to pull your belly button in towards your spine when you are walking, combined with the way you breathe and walk.

This keeps you balanced and relaxed. It is also a way to keep your back straight while walking.

#6. Swing your hand while walking

Swinging your arms gently by your sides as you move will help you keep your balance and build momentum to move. You may not feel the difference, but if your hand stays the same, it takes a little more force to move.

You should swing your arms gently, gradually forming a habit and inertia as you move. At the same time, do not swing your arms too high.

#7. Practice proper foot placement at every step.

Remember to step from heel to toe and avoid flat-footed steps. At each step, your heel should strike the ground first, and then your toes. 

Another thing to remember is to put your feet gently. If you put your heel too hard on the ground, especially when wearing hard sole shoes or high heels, the impact force from the ground to the heel will be very large, if you walk a lot, it will cause pain in the heel.

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What Not To Do While Walking

What Not To Do While Walking
What Not To Do While Walking
  • Do not walk while looking at the phone or doing other things. You should not take advantage of doing some things when you walk, it will distract you and not maintain a good Posture.
  • Do not step too wide: Many types of research show that walking at the right distance will help you walk smoothly and limit the bad impact on your legs. If you walk too long, your lower leg joints will be under a lot of pressure.
  • Do not swing your arms too wide: You should swing your arms moderately, if you swing your arms too wide, walking will be hindered as well as muscles in your arms will be tired.
  • Don’t wear shoes that make you uncomfortable: Shoes that don’t fit or have very soles will make your feet uncomfortable and painful. With a sore or blistered foot, it can be difficult to maintain a proper gait.

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What Are The Benefits of Walking Correctly?

  • The right gait will help us protect bones and joints, prevent bone and joint diseases in some positions such as Knees, ankles, hips, … You will also avoid muscle pain in the muscles of your legs, shoulders, or thighs.
  • Protect your spine: Walking properly and keeping your back straight helps your spine not to bear too much force, you will avoid back pain or being hunchbacked in old age.
  • Keep balance when walking: Walking properly will help our body keep balance and prevent falling. Looking straight and covering the field of vision makes you avoid obstacles easily.
  • Good for the lungs: The right gait will help you breathe easier when walking, your lungs can also fully expand and work efficiently.
  • Good for blood circulation: Many studies show that the right gait helps blood to circulate better, blood will easily circulate to all parts of the body.

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Should Your Heel Touch the Ground First When Walking?

Should Your Heel Touch the Ground First When Walking_
Should Your Heel Touch the Ground First When Walking_

Most people will touch the ground with their heels first. And you can do that, but remember to land gently to reduce pressure on your bones. Overall, this type of walking takes less energy than using your toes to touch the ground first.

If you pay attention, you can recognize most other mammals like cats, dogs, etc. will use their toes to touch the ground first when walking. But man has evolved to walk on two feet and so he lands on his heels.

However, according to some studies, although contact with the ground with your toes instead of heel expends more energy, this type of walking reduces the impact on the bones and ankles.

Studies have also shown that this walk is better for ligaments, tendons, and joints and, at the same time, strengthens your muscles.

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Does Walking Help Flat Feet?

Flat feet cause quite a lot of inconvenience in life and there are several methods of treatment.

However, few people know that walking properly will help flat feet. It may not make flat feet improve as quickly as other methods, but it will reduce pain in joints and reduce the inconvenience of flat feet.

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Walking is a regular and popular activity, we walk every day and this activity plays an important part in our lives. Because this is a normal activity, many people don’t care much about walking and walk in the wrong way.

This situation leads to some harm, and they will only show up as we get older, or you won’t know that some pain is caused by walking the wrong way.

Therefore, from now on, practice walking properly for good health, minimizing the risk of joint pain.  After reading this article, wish you know clearly how to walking correctly feet and success and have a beautiful, healthy gait.

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