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How to Protect Leather Shoes From Rain_

Leather is a popular material for footwear because of its durability, quality, and rich appearance.

However, while purchasing leather shoes, many individuals are concerned about their restricted use during the monsoon season.

True, too much water might be bad for your leather shoes, but does that imply you should keep them at the back of your shoe drawer when it rains?

Don’t worry, we’ve answered all of your wet weather and how to protect leather shoes from rain below.

Can Leather Shoes & Boots Get Wet? Why Does Leather Get Affected Worse by Water?

Can Leather Shoes & Boots Get Wet_ Why Does Leather Get Affected Worse by Water_
Can Leather Shoes & Boots Get Wet? Why Does Leather Get Affected Worse by Water?

Leather is prone to deterioration when exposed to damp or salt. You may be wondering why. Allow me to explain.

Finished leather items are extremely durable and, in most cases, water-resistant. Don’t be confused; as I previously stated, it is sensitive to water and salt.

The water repellent ability of leather footwear does not imply complete water resistance. Water can penetrate the insole in some way, and if the water is brine in nature, the Lord can only preserve your priceless boots.

Let’s have a look at what may happen in high definition.

First, water enters the permeable leather, where macromolecular salt particles adhere to the surface.

When the shoe dries and the salt evaporates, the moisture in the shoe evaporates as well. It will cause cracks in your finished leather footwear.

Remember that salt is both an active preservative and a deformation agent for raw leather and processed leather. Most of us ask this question while wearing leather boots and looking up at the clouds coming in the sky.

Understandable. Will water damage leather boots, you may wonder? What are the disadvantages of a damp leather boot?

My buddy, there is an easy solution. Water is the number one enemy of leather footwear. Because leather is a permeable material that quickly absorbs water.

When this water evaporates and leaves the substance, it causes early deterioration and, in most cases, cracking of the leather. You might be shocked to learn that pure leather is the strongest material when compared to other materials.

If you have genuine leather shoes, you may expect them to resist water damage for a long time and to wrinkle slowly. Not only is leather footwear water-resistant, but it is also safe to wear in the winter and on ice.

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Should You Wear Leather Shoes When It’s Raining?

Should You Wear Leather Shoes When It’s Raining_
Should You Wear Leather Shoes When It’s Raining?

Moisture is a major problem for leather shoes. It has the ability to harm the leather lining and cause color degradation. So, here’s the vexing question.

Conservative shoe wearers wonder, “Should I wear leather shoes when it rains?” Sure thing, buddy.

To protect leather shoes from rain during the rainy season, you must take preventative steps. Wearing leather boots in the rain is hard, and I’ll show you how to do it in no time.

Can You Wear Leather Boots In The Snow?

When someone inquires, “Can you wear leather in the rain?” A supplementary question erupts.

Is it permissible to wear leather boots in the snow? It is conditional. Leather boots are also susceptible to snow. When it snows, it might go into your shoes via the bottom.

It can also produce salt accumulations on the display surface, which can cause the leather to tear. Snow gaiters are recommended if you intend to wear shoes in deep snow.

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What To Do If Your Leather Shoes Get Wet?

What To Do If Your Leather Shoes Get Wet_
What To Do If Your Leather Shoes Get Wet?

Nature is inherently unpredictable. As a result, we must exercise extreme caution in order to protect our investments against natural disasters.

Wearing leather boots in the rain is no laughing matter, and after this experience, we can’t stop thinking about how to protect leather boots and shoes from weather damage.

Don’t be concerned! Let’s look at the precious hidden methods for preventing rain and salt damage to your shoes.

1. Dry shoes quickly

As soon as you get at home or work, remove your shoes and allow them to dry completely.

Heavily soaked feet can also impair the fit of your leather shoes, so place some newspaper or a shoe tree inside the shoes to maintain the form before storing them.

Laying your shoes on their sides is the proper method to do it. As previously said, leather dries quickly, which can lead to skin breaking. As a result, you should avoid placing them near a heat source.

2. Restore the moisturization

Once the leather footwear is completely dry, use a colorless leather conditioner to restore elasticity in the fibers and help prevent future cracks caused by the humid weather.

Before conditioning, remove the shoelaces and add a nickel-size amount of leather conditioner to a clean cotton cloth or soft sponge and rub it all over the boot’s outside surface.

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How To Prevent Your Leather Shoes From Water Damage?

How To Prevent Your Leather Shoes From Water Damage_
How To Prevent Your Leather Shoes From Water Damage?

We understand that you are not intentionally allowing your shoes to become wet in the rain, but life happens, and occasionally you wind up walking in that wet ditch or being caught in an unexpected rain shower while wearing your favorite leather boots.

Here’s how to keep your beautiful leather shoes dry when it rains:

1. Keep your boots clean

Make sure your leather shoes are properly clean before applying any type of waterproofing solution.

Try to remove any dirt using a firm shoe brush, since dirt can enter the leather and become permanent or difficult to remove. If the shoes are excessively filthy, wipe away any new stains with a moist towel.

2. Weatherproofing 

Weatherproofing is the second step.

The first rule to remember when attempting most weatherproofing techniques is that it is not permanent. A typical approach is to apply a coating of wax to new leather shoes to provide a water barrier.

This wax coating might diminish with time, so keep in mind that weatherproofing your shoes is not permanent, and you should repeat the technique every 15 days, depending on how often your leather boots get soaked.

However, it is always preferable to get water-resistant or water-proof leather footwear. We at Urban Shepherd Boots adore leather shoes just as much as you do. Our water-resistant leather boots are nearly waterproof!

3. Consider a waterproof cover

If you live in an area where it is difficult to avoid rain and it rains frequently, we recommend investing in a decent waterproof cover for your leather shoes.

Keep a pair of shoe coverings stowed in your luggage or in your car for quick shoe protection. After all, your high-quality leather shoes are expensive!

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By the time you read this far, you probably already understand clearly how to protect leather shoes from rain, and does water ruin leather shoes.

Of course, you may wear your leather shoes in the rain. As long as you follow our guidelines to avoid water damage to your boots.

In fact, providing you take necessary preventive precautions, your leather shoes will become the backbone of your rainy-weather outfit, quietly supporting your light knits.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of leather boots designed specifically for dealing with rain.

We hope the information we provide will be useful to you. Thank you for reading!

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